Sean Lowe's Odd Confession Solves Puzzling 'Bachelor' Mystery

Bachelor Nation is a booming franchise all across the country, but how much do we really know about what goes on when the cameras of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stop rolling? We think we know which girls and guys are crazy ... but how many of their gimmicks and games did the producers come up with instead?


In his new book, For the Right Reasons, America's favorite ex-Bachelor Sean Lowe dishes about his relationship with his now-wife Catherine (and ex-Bachelorette Emily Maynard!), but he also gives us a peek into the behind-the-scenes life at the Bachelor mansion. And maybe -- just maybe -- life there isn't as magical as it seems. But to give them credit: all their crazy schemes definitely work ... we know they have us hooked.

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Here's what Lowe reveals in his tell-all:

  1. During the "casting" (their word, not ours!), the contestants all face extensive psychological evaluations where they have to answer questions like, "Do you ever think of hurting animals?" And yet, somehow all those crazies still slip through ...?
  2. The producers think a lot about the order in which the Bachelor will meet the contestants on the first night of the show, and they put the two girls they think have the best chance of marrying the Bachelor as the first and last out of the limo.
  3. You know those crazy first-night gimmicks? Like trying to give Chris Soules an (admittedly fake) human heart out of a cooler? Well, it turns out the producers come up with a lot of these. So maybe these girls aren't as crazy as they seem? Or maybe they're just better at hiding it?
  4. Oh, and Chris Harrison is apparently a master breakfast burrito-maker, and he makes them for the girls after they finish filming the first rose ceremony, AT SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.
  5. On dates, a lot of the conversation topics come from the producers, who shout things like, "Tell her about that childhood trauma!" to the happy couple. Nothing like a third wheel to exploit your secrets and break the ice, right?
  6. Speaking of dates -- you know when they go to all those fancy restaurants? Well, it turns out they're not allowed to eat the food they're served there. Nope. Instead, they have food delivered to their rooms before the date, and at the actual restaurant, they're supposed to appreciate from afar. (OMG! Who else has always wondered why they NEVER eat! Mystery solved!)
  7. Every day, before the Bachelor leaves his room, someone snaps a picture of his outfit, and then they keep all those suits organized by the day he wore them. That way, when they're editing everything together several months later, the Bachelor can hop back into the suit jackets from particular dates and give interviews to fill in the gaps in the narrative.
  8. Even though the Bachelor's suits are so meticulously thought out, the girls aren't given any assistance with their hair, makeup, or clothes ... at least until the proposal day.
  9. The reason those rose ceremony speeches sound so forced (especially at the beginning) is that the producers actually help write them! They give the Bachelor bullet pointed lists of things they should cover and even have off-camera prompts so he can remember all the girls' names.
  10. Some of those voice-overs you heard during Sean's season were recorded on his iPad while he hunkered down at the back of his closet. Never would have guessed!
  11. During the second to last week of his season, Sean's family met his future wife, Catherine, as well as the runner-up, Lindsey. Apparently, Sean's mom didn't want him to propose to either one of the girls! Of course, she's happy with Catherine now, but at the time, she thought he should already have known.
  12. The night before he proposed, Sean met Catherine for a very against-the-rules midnight rendezvous to talk through some "lingering issues."
  13. You know how Sean and Catherine got engaged on a bridge over a beautiful little pond in Thailand? Well, it turns out that pond was dug and filled with water specifically for this proposal. 
  14. Oh, and that ring? It's worth $75,000

Which of Sean's bombshells surprised YOU the most?

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