Bradley Cooper Reveals the Best Thing About 'American Sniper'

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper has revealed one of the coolest things about American Sniper -- and it's not that it made a crap ton of money at the box office, although it did! It's that the movie also hired real veterans in some of the roles.


Got Your 6 is a non-profit that encourages the media to showcase veterans in realistic ways. It wants to "dispel common myths about the veteran population" as well as work toward successful veteran reintegration.

Got Your 6 is military-speak for "Got Your Back," when someone is in the 6 o'clock position -- getting your back!

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During the panel, which included the actor, who played American sniper Chris Kyle, Hiring Our Heroes tweeted:

Cooper hailed the movie for "not just for creating content with veterans characters, but also hiring vets." I don't think everyone can act; on the contrary, most people can't! But how great if you get a vet who can -- imagine the depth to a role he or she can bring. Talk about method acting. A vet is going to be able to have a look in his or eyes that speaks to the truth of the military experience, and it's something that most people can't fake.

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Not only that, it's nice to not just make a buck off veterans' stories, but to actually give them a few bucks too!

Did you see American Sniper? Could you tell who the vets were?

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