Kim Kardashian's Latest Betrayal of Her Family Can Never Be Forgiven

Kim KardashianNow that it's been confirmed by a family friend that Bruce Jenner actually is transitioning to become a woman, it seems pretty clear that all of these outrageous rumors we've heard over the past year weren't that outrageous at all. But the first real hint that Brucie really IS becoming Lucie (c'mon, it's just a joke!) is when Kim Kardashian spilled the beans to the world in an interview in which she referred to Bruce's "journey." Reportedly, the family is livid that Kim took it upon herself to "out" Bruce and Kim isn't one whit concerned how anyone else feels about it.


Supposedly, when Kim told Entertainment Tonight that Bruce had a story to tell, the rest of the familiar went apeola. A source told RadarOnline:

Kim has not even tried to apologize because she says she was helping him and the ratings of the TV show. She says that she was trying to help the family, but everyone knows that she is only out for herself. It is always the Kim show and they are just guests ... They are not going to do anything to get back at her because, unfortunately, they all know that she has too much power.

If Kim really did talk out of turn, then that's SO wrong. It's up to Bruce to tell everyone how and when he wants to tell them. And while that is technically what Kim was saying -- we all know that what she really did was out him!

Kim's entire life has revolved around show ratings for so long, she probably was not thinking of anything but that ... even if it meant hurting Bruce and betraying the Kardashian Kode of Silence about his transition.

On the other hand, Kim is a natural born media manipulator. She would have known this was just enough info to pique everyone's interest but she still had plausible deniability, i.e., "I didn't say anything! Didn't you hear me not say anything?!"

I also think no one in this family would blurt out anything so sensitive without Bruce knowing, so I have a feeling it was all planned and Kim was selected as the one to break the news.

But if not, that was really, really shady, Kim!

Do you think she really betrayed everyone?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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