Will Ferrell Lip Syncs Way Better Than Katy Perry on Super Bowl Night (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon's lip syncing battle of the celebrities has become one of the favorite bits of the show -- and this one just might take the lip syncing prize. Jimmy hits the stage with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart -- both of whom are hilarious. But can I just say? Ferrell's expressions are to die for. He really needs to return to SNL, we miss him!


Will Ferrell chooses a little number by the "Queen Bee ... the one, the only Beyonce." He then launches into "Drunk in Love." Starting off with what looks like a cat cow from yoga, Ferrell taps his inner Jennifer Beals and manages to keep his lips synced to the lyrics. You REALLY get the feeling he's sung this in front of the mirror. A lot. Grade: A+

Jimmy Fallon starts off a little slow with Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone," seemingly mumbling instead of singing and not matching up lips to music at all. He finally hits his stride during the anthem-like chorus. Grade: B+

Kevin Hart tackles John Legend's "All of Me" with appropriate earnestness, and his lip syncing is impressive, but it only gets funny when he sings to Will Ferrell (and it's Ferrell that's funny). Grade: B-

Will then takes on "Let It Go," with lip syncing so in sync, you'd really think Idina Menzel's voice is coming out of Will's body. Drew Barrymore joins Jimmy for his rendition of "The Time of My Life," and their Dirty Dancing homage is unexpectedly awesome. Kevin Hart ends by tackling Katy Perry's "Roar" and packs in plenty of twirling and ass shaking.

So who won?

YouTube commenters seem to have anointed Will the winner .... and I think I have to agree. Poor Jimmy. He tried so hard. But you be the judge!


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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