Instagram of Helen Mirren Riding NYC Subway Goes Viral (PHOTO)

Helen MirrenYou can't take the class out of Dame Helen Mirren -- not even on the New York City subway. The Oscar-winning actress was caught on the underground by a fan, who posted the photo to Instagram, where of course went viral. Because it's Helen Mirren on the subeway, and it's just about as perfect as possible.


The Dame was captured by Jason Lowe, who blessed us all by sharing the photo to his Instagram account.

He captioned my new favorite picture this week, "Well, that just happened ... Dame Helen Mirren sitting across from me on the R train #helenmirren #subway #holycrap #NYC"

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She is basically the poster child for the Metropolitan Transit Authority and their "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride" campaign. The initiative was launched earlier this year in an attempt to get people to stop being such jerks on the subway.

Aside from just looking fabulous in the impeccable coat and chic purple gloves, the Dame kept her bag in her lap instead of taking up an extra seat. And I'm pretty sure she'd build a snowman in Hades before she'd even consider "manspreading" like the gentleman sitting next to her.

Here's to Helen Mirren, making the subway a classy place since 2015.

Would you ride the subway if you were rich and famous?


Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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