Heidi Montag's Dad Arrested on Lewd Child Abuse Charges

Heidi Montag, Bill MontagOh man. We love to give Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt a hard time for loving the spotlight so much, but this is one incident where I'm sure they wish they weren't the center of attention. Heidi's dad, Bill Montag, has been arrested on charges of sexual abuse and incest with a 13-year-old girl.


Ugh. Every time a story like this comes up, it's sickening. Even if the allegations are false, it's disgusting that someone would make them up. And if they're true? That's obviously just terrible.

The family seems to believe in this case that the allegations are false. Sources close to Heidi and Spencer told TMZ that the "alleged victim has significant credibility problems."

Bill Montag was arrested by Aspen law enforcement on Thursday, January 29, on reports of sexual abuse of a minor. They say that the abuse happened at least 50 times between 1993 and 1998, until the child turned 17. The timing does not work out for it to be Heidi or her sister Holly.

The allegations say that Bill "groomed her with back rubs in her bedroom in the basement of their home" and just get worse from there. He allegedly worked up to playing with her vagina with a vibrator and, at 16, performing oral sex on her.

The most recent incident reportedly took place in 1998, when he was rebuffed by the victim for pulling down her panties and attempting to have sex with her. According to authorities, she exclaimed, "Get the hell out of my room, no!" His response was supposedly, "I thought that's what you wanted. I thought you loved me the way I love you."

No matter what the truth is, this story is just devastating. Either a young girl was abused by someone she trusted to care for her, or she's a disturbed woman trying to frame someone for the most heinous of crimes.

Sources close to Heidi and Spencer have revealed that they are familiar with the accuser and believe her dad will be exonerated. They say that this relative has stalked them and "is determined to destroy the family." They even divulged that they've had to have her removed from various public appearances by security.

Ugh -- what a crappy situation. Let's hope that they can get to the truth of what happened.

Why do you think someone would make something like this up?

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