'Brady Bunch' Mom Makes Ultimate Cringeworthy Confession About Her Sex Life

Florence HendersonTo those of us of a certain age, the Ultimate Mom will always be Carol Brady. Perhaps that's why the woman who played her, Florence Henderson, is always trying to shock us out of thinking of her as the perfect wife and mother. Remember when she admitted she went on a date with her son, Greg?! Shudder. Now she dishes about her sex life -- and OMG, you will seriously never be able to watch The Brady Bunch with the same innocence again.


Florence told Closer Weekly:

I like to date, but not every date needs to lead to marriage. I actually have a friend with benefits.

She says he is a chiropractor who lives in Florida and who probably sees other people, as she does.

Wow, Florence is getting more action than most of my friends -- including (especially) the married ones. She says that her FWB is in his 60s -- Florence is 80. So, yeah, she's a cougar.

But she definitely doesn't look 80. It's amazing.

As for her sex life -- you know you wanna hear it -- she says:

It’s foolish to think that older people don’t enjoy sex. It’s a big myth. There is no age limit on the enjoyment of sex. It keeps getting better. You learn to do things with more experience, intelligence and the ability to choose more wisely.

Ugh, I need to clean out my ears with a pair of steak knives! Can't. Unhear.

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No, seriously, look, it's GREAT that Florence is still gettin' busy at her age -- and not only with one guy, but apparently several! It's hard enough finding anyone you want to get horizontal with in middle age, but in her golden years, Florence has managed to find a whole cadre of randy dudes who like older babes (she says she only dates younger).

Well, good for her! Carol Brady always did seem a bit feisty.

Would you have an FWB at 80?

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