Kendall Jenner's 'Affair' With Scott Disick Could Ruin Her Life

Kendall JennerThe Kardashian clan has responded to the Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick affair rumors with laughs, but behind the scenes, there might be some real worrying going on. Despite the fact that Kourtney doesn't believe the rumors in the slightest, Kendall is supposedly worried that the rest of the world might -- and that this could ruin her hard-won modeling career.


A source told

Kendall is mortified, just beyond humiliated over this whole Scott hook-up scandal. She thinks someone’s out to ruin her career by spreading such vicious lies. She is embarrassed that she has to explain this to the top dogs in fashion … She says this whole story makes her look cheap and it's not the kind of publicity that she wants ...

She is just beside herself. First off, she would never cheat with someone let alone with her own sister’s guy ... she thinks it’s gross.

Hmm. Well, we can see where this is NOT the kind of publicity Kendall would want! Who would want a rumor going around about sleeping with your practically-brother-in-law?

But I doubt Kendall has to worry about losing modeling gigs as a result. Anyone who signed her up in the first place (and that would include Estee Lauder) knows that Kendall comes with a whole barrel-full of rumors, as does her whole family. Sure, this one may be worse than the rest, but at least it's so outlandish that no one would possibly believe it.

Khloe and Scott? Weeeelllll, that's a leeeetle more realistic.

Seriously, Kendall, no worries. What you might want to do, though, is stay away from Justin Bieber. Now there's a guy who could ruin a career in a flash.

Do you think this will affect her modeling career?

Image via kendalljenner/Instagram

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