Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Twitter Fight Says It All

Andi Dorfman

While we don't exactly what went down with the Bachelorette couple to bring about the end of their engagement, the two have been playing somewhat well together on matter -- publicly, of course. At least until today, that is, when Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman took to Twitter to throw some passive-aggressive shade at each other.


The pair famously broke off their engagement earlier this month, just after the premiere of the newest season of The Bachelor, featuring Andi's third choice, Chris Soules. According to rumors, once the excitement of being on the show and "in love" wore off, it was more like a business arrangement between the two. That's not fun at all for being in such a new relationship!

Anyway, Josh tweeted earlier this week that he's feeling great, and even losing weight, but his tweets got even more pointed on Friday, January 30.

"Having to change all my passwords because someone keeps logging into my social media accounts SMH," the former groom-to-be wrote. Hmmmm, it seems pretty obvious he's accusing Andi of cyberstalking him, don't you think?

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It's pretty common to log into your social media accounts from a loved one's computer, or even share some of the same passwords. No doubt the formerly engaged couple would've shared this sort of information. But is Andi really logging into his accounts?

Just nine minutes after Josh posted that, Andi tweeted her own zinger. "Join the club ... Got better things to do with my life #blessed," she wrote.

Geez! It seems like there's definitely some tension there, probably made worse by them both trying to pretend that everything is totally amicable. Every breakup involves some sort of hard feelings, even if the reasons behind if were totally mutual. It hurts when it doesn't work out with someone you thought you'd spend your with.

Regardless of what's going on behind closed doors (and computer screens), we hope that these two can both move on. And maybe do a tell-all special with Chris Harrison, in which they engage in a cat fight in a tub of Jello. I'd watch, is all I'm sayin'.

Do you think Andi and Josh's tweets were directed at each other?


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