Kate Middleton & Prince William's Vacation Sounds Like a Total Nightmare

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I suppose if anyone could get bored on a gorgeous private island, it's a royal. According to new reports, Prince William is bored out of his mind right now while vacationing on the island of Mustique with Kate Middleton and the rest of her family. Apparently, the Prince has been sulking around, and Kate feels like she has to keep her husband (and toddler!) entertained -- fun!


Initially, the Prince wasn't planning on going on the annual Middleton trip to Mustique but, at the last minute, changed his mind. Some are speculating that the Duke's decision to go was so that people wouldn't assume he didn't want to be there with his wife and son -- but, of course, now people (cough-Celebrity Dirty Laundry-cough) are assuming he doesn't want to be there with his wife and son. 

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Not quite sure how much I believe these rumors, but being that there's another baby who will be making his or her way into the world in a few months, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some tension between the couple. (In case you haven't heard, babies can be a little stressful.) The Duke and Duchess can be in the most beautiful location in the world, but if they're quietly freaking out about adding another babe to their family, the trip won't be very relaxing. 

Hopefully, the pair winds up having a good time while they're on vacation with the Middleton clan. It would be such a shame for a couple who never gets away to ruin a perfectly good trip ;)

Do you think Kate and William are stressed about baby number two?

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