Ryan Gosling Steals the Show From Russell Crowe at Australian Award Ceremony (VIDEO)

Russell Crowe, Ryan GoslingAdd this to the very long list of reasons we love Ryan Gosling! The Hollywood heartthrob recently crashed Australia's AACTA Awards this week, as his The Nice Guys costar Russell Crowe presented an award live-via-satellite.


The Oscar winner was presenting the nominees for Best Supporting Actress for the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts Awards on Thursday, January 29, when Eva Mendes' baby daddy totally crashed, still dressed in his 70's costume from the set.

The actors are currently in Atlanta, filming The Nice Guys, which is about the mysterious death of a porn star in the 1970's.

"Hey Russ. What’s going on?," Gosling casually asked Crowe. Noticing that he was on camera for an Awards thing, he congratulated him. "Hey you won! Congratulations ... Oh you lost? You were robbed," Gosling continued.

"No I’m presenting," Crowe eventually interrupted him, introducing him to the audience (as if we didn't know who he was). "Ladies and gentleman, you might not recognize him with his clothes on -- Ryan Gosling."

That's when Ry made us all swoon a little by adopting an Australian accent. "G'day folks, how ya goin?" He asked. He went on, "It's OK, I'm an honorary Australian ... I lived in New Zealand for like two years so ..."

As the audience roared, the native said, "You know, New Zealand and Australia? It's a totally different place, right? Different countries."

The whole thing is pretty hilarious, especially when Gosling realizes they're live, and his "flubs" can't be edited out.

Do you think this was impromptu or scripted?


Image via RyanGoslingAddicted/YouTube

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