Teresa Giudice Getting Booted From 'RHONJ'?

teresa giudice

Starting next the Real Housewives of New Jersey will be a Teresa-free zone! 


That's right, it's not exactly shocking to hear that Bravo's going ahead without the jailed Teresa (Teresa Giudice), but there are also whisperings that Teresa Aprea is also getting the axe. Thus ever was it a trial and tribulation to be a housewife and on television. Pretend I am a man smoking a big cigar when I say, "tough break, ladies, tough break!" 

Bravo hasn't officially said whether Terea Aprea is also getting the boot, but it wouldn't exactly be surprising. Relative newcomer Nicole Napolitano is also on the list of ladies who are said not to be coming back. I don't think anyone should, as a rule, ever be surprised when they hear that one of the ladies is going, going, and gone. Because the entire franchise depends on drama -- and what better way to get that than by stirring up the pot and adding some new blood into the mix?

“The show will absolutely go on without Teresa,” a source close to the cast told Radar. “Bravo isn’t expected to make it public until the end of February, but filming has been loosely scheduled for late April, early May. No formal dates have been made for filming to begin because producers are still looking for potential new cast members.”

For what it's worth, while I understand wanting to kick the two newbies out in favor of something exciting, it might just be smarter to pick-up again when Teresa Giudice is back. Better yet, start again without her but keep her family and their drama as a central staple. Where Joe Giudice is, drama is sure to follow. But maybe the producers have decided that's too callous a move to make, but I don't know - surely the family would appreciate the extra income in light of their legal drama.


Who do you think should leave the show? 


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