5 Phrases Taylor Swift Should Trademark Besides 'This Sick Beat'

Taylor Swift

Hilarity. Taylor Swift has made a move to trademark the phrase "this sick beat."


You may know it from her seminal classic "Shake It Off." You may also know it as a phrase you utter when you and a bestie are shaking your butts to a tune on the radio in reference to the sickness of the beats that have so moved you. That's still cool, but don't make a T-shirt with that slogan on it or a Swift army of a lawyers (in my mind this is just, like, 80 golden retriever puppies in suits) will be all over you. 

Tay Tay has also filed a request to have a handful of other phrases from her songs copyrighted. To be fair to Taylor, this isn't totally recockulous (yes, that is a word now, DEAL WITH IT). She's trying to prevent unlicensed folks from making a profit off of her work without getting a cut. Continuing in the spirit of fairness, she is essentially going after dudes who sell T-shirts on the street so, like ... maybe find bigger fish to fry?

If she's going to trademark a few cheesy phrases as her own, why not add a few more to list? Take these, for example:

"Breakfast Is Delicious"

Taylor Swift is passionate about breakfast. While we can't fault her for this, let's be real: We should all have the right to declare our appreciation of breakfast foods. 

"Does This Make Me Look Fat?"

Because if you are going to profit off of phrases everyone has uttered at one time or another, why turn that self-criticism into a second or third beach house, amiright?

"I Woke Up Like Dis"

Just to mess with Beyonce. 

"I'm Lovin' It"

Because I've always wanted to see who would win in a knife fight between a fast food chain and a pop star. 

"Becca Stokes Is the Greatest"

But only if she agrees to go 50/50 with me on this one. Ok. Fine. 60/40. I'm not an insane person. 

What do you think of Taylor's latest legal move?

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