Amal Clooney Shuts Down Reporter With Fantastic Response to Rude Question

amal clooneyShe may have taken on her husband's last name, but Amal Clooney is so much more than a Hollywood actor's wife, in case you forgot. She's a decorated human rights lawyer, first and foremost, and her latest comments will make that very clear. Amal has recently started representing Armenia's interests in a case surrounding the Armenian Genocide and immediately shut down questions about her courtroom fashion.


When one reporter asked her what she was wearing in court, she had the best answer. Possibly ever. Check it out:

"I'm wearing Ede & Ravenscroft." As in, the longstanding makers of the barrister's robe she's wearing.

And. Shut. Down.

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That's how you perfectly handle a, let's face it, sexist comment. Might we assume that her coworkers weren't asked the same question?

Yes, we may all admire Amal's fashion choices. Like it or not, she's become a style icon in her own right (let's throwback to those glorious white opera gloves that she wore to this year's Golden Globes). But not while she's working. No way.

She's a legitimately accomplished lawyer, people! Why these questions? She should be recognized for her work in the courtroom, not what she's wearing while defending the human rights of others.

Major props to Amal. She's a barrister, got that?

What do you think of Amal's response?


Image via ACE/ News

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