Kate Middleton's Brother James Middleton Reveals the Ugly Truth About Her

Middleton family

Have you ever stopped and wondered how the Middleton family feels about being commoners, when one of their own married into the most famous royal family in the world? I mean, it must be pretty cool to have connections in high places, right? WRONG. In a new interview with The Young Director, James Middleton revealed the truth about being Kate Middleton's brother, and what he had to say might surprise you.


When asked if it is frustrating that his work is often overshadowed by his sister being a royal, he said:

Yes, it does get frustrating. I work incredibly hard -- just like every other person in business and work. And aside from the fact of -- yes, I am the brother of someone very important -- I am, at the end of the day, just James.

Huh. Am I the only one who detects the slightest bit of resentment in his comments?

While it probably is kind of a drag to have every new person you meet immediately ask about your sister as if they have exactly zero interest in you, something tells me the Kate association has brought opportunities into James' life that wouldn't exist otherwise.

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Just look at what being the sibling of a royal did for Pippa! Not only did her rear end manage to snag its very own Twitter account, she landed a book deal and a whole host of other super cool gigs thanks to her royal connection.

But maybe I'm taking his tone WAY out of context here. It could be that James doesn't ever want Kate to feel like he's taking advantage of the fact that she's part of the royal family to boost his own career. The Middletons really do seem like a pretty close-knit bunch, so surely the last thing any of them wants to do is feel like they're using the other in any way, shape, or form.

Do you think it would be annoying to have Kate for a sister?


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