Justin Bieber Apologizes for Being a Jerk (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber took to The Ellen DeGeneres Show stage recently, taping an appearance for the Thursday, January 29, episode during which he basically apologizes for his behavior in the past couple of years.


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In a surprise move, Biebs starts out by treating fans to what appears to simply be a pre-taped video, but then, shock of all shocks, he emerges to appear live in front of the audience to chat with Ellen. Wearing what has become his signature tunic of late, Justin sports floppy hair that looks a few shades darker than the over-the-top blonde he debuted not long ago.

“Honestly I haven’t been on TV in a while so I’m a little nervous,” he sheepishly tells Ellen.

Aw shucks, Justin, that plays well to fans, but if you're so shy in front of the camera these days, why, oh why, would you sign on for a Comedy Central Roast? It seems a bit disingenuous, don't you think? He went on to say he was not who he was pretending to be and acknowledged that his behavior has been arrogant:

I think it’s just cool to be able to laugh at yourself. I’ve done some things. That might not have been the greatest. I just want to be able to kind of just kind own up to some of the things.

I'm all for apologies and fresh starts, but I'm not buying what this guy is selling. Apologies in advance to the Beliebers who I'm sure whole-heartedly disagree.

Click the link below to watch the interview and make your own judgments.

I sincerely hope this newfound humility is the real deal, but until Justin's actions match his words, I'll continue to be suspicious.

Do you think Justin Bieber is turning over a new leaf?

Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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