Scott Disick & Kendall Jenner Reportedly Had an Affair

Scott DisickWe've heard some bizarre rumors about the Kardashian clan over the years, but this has got to be the more bizarre yet. I mean, it's almost as crazy as Bruce wanting to be a woman, which we know is ... oh wait. Well, um, scratch that. But still, this can't be true! A source says that Scott Disick cheated on Kourtney, which we can all kind of believe. But who he supposedly cheated with? This is outrageous! Rumor has it Scott slept with Kendall!


A source told Star magazine that Scott's feelings for Kendall had long been morphing from protective older brother to skeevy purvy uncle and that the two finally culminated this incestual whatever-it-is. And not only that, the report from Star magazine (yeah, I know, I know!) says that a mutual friend told Kourtney about it and that both of them are now "dead to her."

The source says:

This is what their relationship has turned into. What should be a brotherly/sisterly love has become sexualized. Scott clearly finds her attractive, and she likes the attention. It’s just wrong.

As for how Kourtney handled this bit of news? The source says:

At first, Kourtney was in complete shock and disbelief. But after she processed the information, she was devastated ... She started screaming at [Scott], calling him 'sick.' But he kept denying it. He stormed out and the next she heard of him, he was doing what he always does -- drinking his problems away.

Hey, I don't think everything Star magazine reports is automatically untrue. It was one of the first outlets to say that Bruce Jenner was transforming into a female and no one believed it and now it looks more and more like that might be true.

But this sounds suspiciously like someone is trolling Star. Like even maybe Scott made it up for a goof. I mean, if Scott is "dead" to Kourt, why is she still taking Instagram photos with him?

Anyway, we all know he would never sleep with Kendall! He is sleeping with Khloe. Sheesh, get your facts straight.

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Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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