Kate Middleton Contemplating Seriously Strange Move in Next Few Weeks

kate middleton

Sure, she's got more help at her disposal than most, but Kate Middleton's pregnancy doesn't sound like a walk in the park. In addition to the extreme morning sickness she experienced (again), the poor woman is scrutinized like crazy on a daily basis. Imagine having the world's collective eye on you while you're seven months pregnant and running out for an impulse pint of ice cream? No thanks!


Okay, so the Duchess probably doesn't get her own ice cream, but she is in the public eye thanks to her royal duties, and the world is constantly watching her. That's a lot of pressure no matter how many people you've got on hand. And that's exactly why Kate is moving in with her mother

Currently, the Duchess, Prince William, and Prince George are with Kate's family in Mustique for a good old-fashioned Middleton getaway. The group, who vacations there every year, plan on celebrating Carole Middleton's 60th birthday on the picturesque island. But, according to reports, once the festivities die down, Kate plans on shacking up at her parents' home for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Insiders are claiming that Kate is feeling extremely exhausted and stressed out due to her pregnancy, her "rambunctious" son, and all the drama of the royal family. "Kate is in crisis," a source said. "Everything is starting to take a toll on her -- her new royal role, motherhood, and the nasty backstabbing going on behind the palace walls." 

Kate has always been extremely close with her family -- particularly her mother -- so it wouldn't be a shock if she wanted to spend time at "home" for the remainder of her pregnancy. It seems like it might be the only way the Duchess will be able to truly relax. However, Kate still has a few months to go in her pregnancy -- if she decides to go to her parents' home now, that would be a long time apart from William and the rest of the royal family. Not sure how great an idea that is (especially since she'll likely spend time at her parents' house after baby number two comes).

Ultimately, Kate has to do what's best for herself and the health of her baby-to-be. (It sounds like she's pretty stressed out this time around.) But maybe she should hold off a little longer before moving in with her mom. After all, if she thinks things are crazy right now, wait 'til her second kid comes. That's when she's really going to need help. 

Do you think Kate should move in with her mother now?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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