Teresa Giudice's Prison Life May Be Worse Than She Ever Imagined

Teresa GuidiceDid anyone really think Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was going to have an easy time doing time? I sure didn't and now a former inmate at the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute where Tre's spending her 13-month sentence is spilling the beans about conditions that may just lead the hotheaded housewife to start flippin' tables again! 


Beatrice Codianni, who spent 14 years at the facility, tells Radar Online

You are told when to eat, when not to eat, you are told when you can use the phone, what to wear, and when you can have visits. The food is nothing to write home about. You get meager portions.

I can't be the only person whose first reaction to this news is "Duh!?!" Even though this may be the "country club of prisons," it's still prison, people, c'mon now. Did we really expect it to be like the Ritz-Carlton? Isn't the whole idea of jail that it's supposed to act as a deterrent? If the food were awesome and the accommodations impeccable, we'd have people committing crimes just to get in there. 

Surely, the wife of Juicy Joe didn't expect prison guards to break out the Fabellini shortly after she'd been strip searched, right?! Still, according to Codianni, it could be worse than Giudice imagined. 

Danbury’s staff can be very unprofessional. Some of the staff are on power trips and a lot of staff members were ex-military, so they have that kind of mindset.

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The former inmate goes on to describe mattresses being flipped (sound familiar, Teresa?) and lockers thrown if inmates talk out of turn. 

Even with a couple of months shaved off her original sentence, anyone who thinks prison is a walk in the park should fuggedaboutit!

To add insult to injury, Winter Storm Juno could cause conditions to go right down the you-know-what, literally! Codianni explains that sewers are known to back up and cause heavy flooding, which prisoners then have to clean -- often without proper footwear. Gross! She goes on to say that portable toilets were brought in while plumbing repairs were made. Can you imagine Teresa, a woman who admitted she didn't even want to live in a home that was previously owned, shared a port-o-potty with fellow inmates? (Andy Cohen, please get a camera on this pronto!)

I think rather than complaining, her best bet might be to hunker down, hang on to whatever's left of that weave, keep all tables in the upright position, and hope to re-enter society with a new appreciation for all the luxuries she once took for granted.

How did you expect Tre to handle life behind bars? 


Image via Rick Davis/Splash News

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