Kylie Jenner Breaks Her Silence on Pregnancy Rumors (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner

When a report came out a couple weeks ago claiming that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Tyga's baby, we were all, "What the hell?!?" I mean, she's only 17, and you know Mama Kris would totally lose her sh** if Kylie really is expecting, so we've been holding out hope that it's nothing more than a rumor.


And apparently Kylie was ready to set the record straight once and for all, which is probably one of the reasons she bared her belly on Instagram for everyone to see.


can I wear a sports bra & boxers all day ugh

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) onJan 26, 2015 at 6:10pm PST


Yep. Her abs are flat as a pancake. No baby on board here! Though it seemed pretty impossible to believe she was actually pregnant, the fact that we hadn't seen a full-body shot of her since the story came out did leave a small glimmer of doubt in our minds, but this picture clearly shoots down the rumors once and for all.

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And in reference to her caption, hell, most of us would love nothing more than to walk around in a sports bra and boxers all day if we had a figure like that. Can we really blame her for wanting to flaunt her super-toned physique? (Gah.)

Did you believe the Kylie pregnancy rumors?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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