Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl Commercial Shows an Unexpected Side of Her (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian

We won't have the opportunity to see the whole thing until the big game rolls around, but wait until you get a load of this sneak peek of Kim Kardashian's Super Bowl commercial, which actually makes us wonder whether she missed her calling as a comedian. Ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration.


But still, you should get a pretty good chuckle out of this.

HA!!! Save the data, indeed!

But while Kim does receive more than her fair share of criticism for being, well, pretty obsessed with herself, you gotta love the fact that she has a decent sense of humor.

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It takes a strong woman to poke fun at herself during what will likely be one of the most watched commercials of the year, so at least Kim is willing to engage in a little bit of good old-fashioned entertainment.

Oh, and T-Mobile says there will be some sort of cool surprise when the full commercial airs. We should probably pay pretty close attention when it comes on so we don't miss it.

(Hmm. What could it be?)

What do you think of Kim's commercial?


Image via TMobile/YouTube

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