Sam Smith Has Perfect Response to Howard Stern Slam


Sam SmithHoward Stern isn't exactly one to hold back, is he? The controversial radio host has a history of saying exactly what's on his mind, without running it through a mental filter first. Take his latest comments against pop star Sam Smith -- the Sirius XM host called him "fat" and "ugly" in some sort of backhanded compliment that managed to insult Adele as well.


During a countdown of the top songs, Stern couldn't help himself from leveling some harsh words against the "Stay With Me" singer, prefacing it with an admission that he actually likes him. So it's OK to be mean to someone if you say you like them first, I guess.

Anyway, Stern mused, "You know what I like about the guy? He's an ugly motherf--ker. He's fat. Is he gay? He looks gay to me, not that anybody looks gay, but he does seem effeminate."

But wait -- there's more. Stern continued, "I like that he's chubby and gay. That's why I love him. He's one of those guys I feel like, he's really good but I feel like that will be his only hit song -- beautiful voice ... that's how good that song is. He's fat and he's gay and little girls worship him. That's when you know you have a good song and a good voice."

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Apparently Howard Stern would "like to get him in [the studio] to congratulate him on beating the odds," and for being the "male Adele." Because apparently Adele is gay? Or a one-hit wonder? What the ...? Ohh, he must be referring to the fact that neither Adele nor Sam Smith fit the profile of what "beautiful" people are supposed to look like. Screw that. I love that our society is opening up to what it really means to be beautiful -- to share a part of yourself with the world, and that's exactly what Smith and Adele do.

Of course Sam heard the insulting monologue, and took to Twitter with the perfect response.

Yup, the best way to deal with rude and insulting people is to ignore them, rather than add fuel to the fire. Way to go, Sam!

Why do you think Howard Stern said what he did about Sam Smith?


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