Emma Watson Is Starting to Act Like a Princess

Emma Watson is achieving royal status ... of the Disney variety, that is. The actress has been cast as Belle in the upcoming live-action theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast.


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And the Brown University alum is thrilled to tackle the coveted role, posting to Facebook:

No word yet on who will play the Beast to Watson's Belle, but filming is supposed to start later this year, with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn's Bill Condon in the director's chair.

I, for one, am relieved someone as self-assured as Watson has been cast in what could easily be played as simply a frilly, princessy role. The 24-year-old can bring a sense of strength to the character that many of her acting peers lack, which is important when you're bringing a fairytale to the big screen. As a society I think we're pretty much over the damsel in distress routine, and I feel confident Watson will play Belle as anything but a shrinking violet.

What do you think of Emma Watson being cast as Belle?

Image via EmWatson/Twitter

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