Startling Truth About Kim Kardashian Revealed by Former Housekeeper

Kim KardashianNo one knows the dirt on the rich and famous like the help, right? And with a family as famous as the Karashians, you can bet there are some shocking truths happening behind the scenes. Hey, not everything is caught on those Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras, as hard as it is to believe. A former housekeeper for the Kardashian Krew has recently come forward with the startling truth about what Kim Kardashian is like off-camera.


Kim may be the queen of selfies and self-indulgence, but according to at least one former employee of the reality star, she's actually an enjoyable person in real life. Who would've thought that Kanye West's wife would be described as "humble" and "down to earth" by the people on her payroll?

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The source dished to Star magazine that Kim was "extremely humble and down to earth while the housekeepers would clean her room." They continued, "Kim would sit and chat with them and she was generous. One time she gifted someone on her staff a computer for Christmas. It was awesome and so kind. She was the only one out of the three to give anyone helping out any gifts."

We're assuming that "the three" refers to Kim's sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, and frankly, we're shocked to hear this. Kim gives off such an air of self-absorption that we didn't think she'd even be aware of anyone else in the room, let alone talk to them or give them presents.

And wait until you hear what Kanye is like around the house! The insider revealed, "Kanye was always extremely quiet and reserved at the house ... he was polite but he didn't talk much in front of the staff."

Of course, it might be an attempt to make up for their slovenly ways. According to the maid, "Kim's bedroom and bathroom are beyond filthy at all times no matter how often it was cleaned ... the minute Kim entered everything was trashed -- like a tornado had just gone through it."

Not only that, but apparently she goes through loads of laundry. She insists on sleeping on fresh white silk sheets every single night. The source revealed, "She would only use white silk linens and she was very particular about them. They had to be silk and they had to be changed daily! Every single morning her white sheets would be covered in makeup. There was always mascara and foundation everywhere."

I think the most surprising thing about that is how Kim keeps her complexion so flawless. Falling asleep in makeup is a big no-no for your pores and causes most people to break out. I don't think Kim K. has had a pimple since she was 13, if that.

Somehow, it's not exactly shocking to find out that Kim is a bit of a slob, but it's surprisingly nice to know that she has a sweetheart side and genuinely seems to care about her employees. We'll keep that in mind next time she takes a selfie of her butt or boobs.

Are you surprised to find out that Kim is the "nice" one of the family?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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