A Duggar-Bates Wedding Is Basically Inevitable

Duggar Bates KidsThe Duggar family may be the most famous family around with 19 kids, but they're hardly the only ones! Duggar fans will no doubt be familiar with the Bates family, who are close friends and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ with the 19 Kids and Counting stars. The Bates even launched their own reality series, Bringing Up Bates, at the beginning of this year. With so many similarities between these two super-sized families, it's basically inevitable that there's going to be a Duggar-Bates wedding someday.


And maybe sooner rather than later! 20-year-old Joseph Duggar just became the first of his siblings to move away to college -- a 10-hour drive to Crown College, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Which just happens to be thirty minutes away from the Bates home. And 19-year-old Tori Bates goes there too. Hmmmm ... we're just speculating is all.

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There was apparently already one Duggar-Bates couple that wasn't meant to be. If rumors are to be believed, the eldest Bates kid, Zachary, took eldest Duggar daughter Jana on one or two (highly chaperoned) outings, and asked Jim Bob's permission to court her. Jana allegedly wasn't feeling it though, and declined the offer. She's still waiting for the one, but Zach wed the lovely Whitney Perkins in 2013, and they had their first son this past October.

Don't worry, there are plenty of other opportunities for a Bates-Duggar math-up! For example, the single (and adorable Lawson Bates, 22, was recently spotted at a pro-life rally in Washington, D.C., along with unattached Duggar daughters Jana, 25, and Jinger, 21. Will Jana follow in her sister Jessa' footsteps and marry a younger man? Jessa, 22, is currently married to Ben Seewald, 19. Hmm, maybe that's why it didn't work out with Zach!

Then there's 20-year-old Nathan Bates, who could be a good match for Jinger, or even Joy-Anna Duggar, 17 (in a year or two or more, of course).

Not to mention the 10+ kids of either gender in each family that are way too young to think about courting yet! We're not saying a Bates-Duggar wedding has to happen, but with two family with such similar values, a shared faith, and a common world view, it just seems meant to be that at least one match happens between these family friends. After all, not many other can relate to growing up with 18 siblings, or being a reality star. We're thinking they'd already have a leg up on the competition in the get-to-know-you department.

Do you think there will eventually be a Duggar-Bates wedding?


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