Kate Middleton's Baby Name Plans May Anger Queen Elizabeth

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Now that the world has collectively assumed that Kate Middleton's second baby is going to be a girl, the guesses on what her little majesty's name will be have reached a fever pitch. Like last time, there's of course the predictions that her daughter will be named Diana after Prince William's late mother. Others are assuming that "Elizabeth" will somehow be part of the mix as a nod to the queen. But the latest rumor suggests that Kate will be naming her baby after her sister -- and not with the name "Pippa."


Right now, many people have their money on the chance that the Duchess will name her baby Charlotte, which is sis Pippa's middle name. William and Kate supposedly have already asked Pippa to be the baby's godchild, and it's fairly common to name the baby after their godparent. However! People are also speculating that the name Charlotte won't go over like gangbusters with Queen Elizabeth, because by god! Pippa is nothing but a mere commoner!

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Now, all of this is speculation on top of speculation, so it ought to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism. But it does bring up an interesting issue: Will the Queen care what the Duke and Duchess name their baby? And how much say does she have in his or her name? Sheesh, Kate has enough pressure already, being one of the most famous moms in the world -- does she really need the added stress of having to name her kid something her granny-in-law will approve of?

The media tends to paint Queen Elizabeth as kind of a hard-ass, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this idea has been highly exaggerated. But even if Queen E is more laid-back than we give her credit for, it's highly unlikely that Kate doesn't feel some pressure to impress her, which can't be fun. But, hey, maybe if the Duchess throws "Elizabeth" in as a middle name, it'll soften the blow a bit? And, besides, Charlotte Elizabeth has a nice ring to it, anyway.

What do you think Kate will name her baby?

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