Jennifer Lawrence Calls 'Hunger Games' a 'F--king Failure'

Jennifer Lawrence hates making public speeches and she makes no bones about that. The first thing she said when she hit the stage at the Producers Guild Awards to present an award to Lionsgate's CEO Jon Felthheimer was that she should have taken a "Xanax" before the event. Then, after admitting she suffers from "crippling anxiety" and would prefer lounging on her couch to speaking in front of a crowd of people, JLaw admitted how she really feels about the Hunger Games films that blew up her career.


Jennifer says she only agreed to speak at the awards show because she assumed she was "contractually obligated" to do so, since Lionsgate is the studio that made the Hunger Games movies. When she found out she didn't have to be there, she joked that she already picked out the gorgeous cream and metallic gown she was wearing so she had no choice but to go.

And then JLaw confessed that Felthheimer was responsible for ensuring Suzanne Collins' books translated to the big screen and were a big success, to which Jen said, "it was a ... large f—ing failure!"

Obviously, she was joking. The films are a huge hit and have catapulted Jennifer to outerspace, as far as actresss go.

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Her cuteness didn't stop there. JLaw then sweetly said she put her trust in Lionsgate and that they put their trust in her and that she believes they'll maintain a strong working relationship "until my career dies at 35."

Ugh, bittersweet words, for sure. And, we hope, in Jennifer's case, this doesn't prove to be true because she's way too talented to vanish once she's too old to play an ingenue.

Jennifer has been in the game for a few years now, and she continues to remain a breath of fresh air whenever she speaks in public or gives an interview. Love her candid honesty and quick sense of humor. 

What do you think of Jennifer's speech?


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