Lindsay Lohan Takes Selfie Wearing Thong As She Fights Off Virus (PHOTO)

lindsay lohanLeave it to Lindsay Lohan to show a photo of herself wearing a thong while talking about her untreatable disease. Surely, you've heard she caught Chikungunya while lounging about Bora Bora. Apparently some of the best medicine for the virus is to show off your butt.


#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya � hehe

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) onJan 24, 2015 at 11:43am PST


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Nice! Chikungunya -- contracted from getting bit by an infected mosquito -- is said to cause fever, fatigue, and joint pain. Clearly, Linds is fighting off the disease in style. But oh my goodness, how awful. (Feel better, LiLo!) Can we take a moment to note how insane it is that Lindsay Lohan caught this rare virus while on vacation? It's like another wacky page from her often wacky life story.

And so, perhaps because of the fatigue, the slight insanity that may be caused by the chronic pain, Lindsay bestows upon us this gem of an Instagram pic. Let's simply call it: Thong. And let's love it for all that it is. It is Lindsay looking healthy. It is Lindsay having a little fun despite her illness. It is Lindsay showing off something besides her breasts. It is so perfectly what a hot young 28-year-old should do because ... well, posterity. (Not to be confused with posterior, which works in a different way in this case.) One day, LiLo can look back on this lovely photo of her backside (albeit a side profile of it) and think, Wow. I was young once. Even while sick, I looked amazing.

Thank you for sharing, Lindsay!

What do you think of Lindsay's latest selfie?


Image via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

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