Taylor Swift's Bikini Photo Shows a Part of Her We Never See (PHOTO)

I thought I knew everything about Taylor Swift. Sure, I don't know as much about her as one of her 21-year-old megafans, but I could hold my own as the saddest adult in the room at a Taylor Swift trivia face-off. What a fool I am—I never knew that Taylor never shows her belly button. It's kind of like the unicorn of celebrity body parts. She must be over that fear because her latest beach photos prove her belly button is perfection.


Taylor actually admitted to Lucky magazine just a few months ago that she doesn't like to expose her belly button. At the time, she said once you "commit" to showing your midriff, you lose a bit of your mystery. So, while she was all for showing off her "lower rib cage," she said her lower belly would remain unexposed.

This left Taylor fans burning with all kinds of existential questions. What was Taylor trying to hide? A massive tiger tattoo on her abdomen? A tattoo of John Mayer's name? A belly button ring?

Nope, nope, and nope. The singer is hanging out with friends in Hawaii this week and she decided to let it all hang out in a bikini—adorable belly button and all:

How cute is she?

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The star is well aware of the frenzy she just caused over something as ridiculous as a belly button, because she also posted this picture, with the caption "She's always wearing, like, a 1950's bathing suit:"

And there we have it: proof that Taylor isn't hiding a darn thing.

What do you think of Taylor's bikini/belly button photo?


Image via taylorswift/Instagram

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