Mandy Moore Files for Divorce From Ryan Adams After Nearly 6 Years of Marriage

Mandy Moore, Ryan AdamsUgh, it must be January. Commonly cited by divorce attorneys as the number one month for married couples to call it quits, the Hollywood crowd is proving the statistic true today. On the heels of the news that Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink have decided to separate, we're learning that Mandy Moore has also filed for divorce, from her husband of almost six years, Ryan Adams.


Moore, 30, and Adams, 40, are notoriously private. The secretly wed in Savannah, Georgia, in March 2009, and have been self-described "home-bodies" ever since. They do not have children.

In a joint statement, their reps said, "Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost 6 years ... it is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time." 

The couple has their private life so far down on the DL that Adams once hung up on a radio show that dared to ask him about his wife after he had politely declined to do so. 

He addressed the incident in a September 2014 interview with BuzzFeed, saying, "I just don't share at all about my private life." It was only when the hosts broached the topic a second time that he cut the line.

"Okay, so I just hung up because I was on the radio getting asked about my wife ... I was really nice about it the first time, and I'm sorry, but I won't repeat myself. The deal is this: I'm a private person and I'll be a gentleman and say I'm not talking about my marriage ever. I'll never talk about it. Ever."

I guess we'll never know what happened between these two, but we wish them both the best moving forward.

Do you think more couples file file for divorce in January because they're waiting to get through the holidays?


Image via Tom Meinelt-Ahmad Elatab/Splash

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