Pete Wentz Comes Clean on Why Ashlee Simpson Left Him

Pete Wentz, Ashlee SimpsonA lot of times when people split up, nobody really knows what the heck happened, and celeb couples are no different (with the exception of Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, ahem). Then years after the fact, one or both of the parties will finally open up about what went wrong -- like Pete Wentz just did about his doomed marriage with Ashlee Simpson.


Three years after splitting up, Ashlee and Pete have both moved on, although they do continue to co-parent their 6-year-old son Bronx. The Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist welcomed another son, Saint Lazslo, with girlfriend Meagan Camper in August 2014, and Ashlee is expecting another little one with her new hubby Evan Ross, Diana Ross' son.

But things had to get really bad before they could get better -- bad enough to break up a family. So what the heck happened? The musician sat down with Howard Stern on Tuesday, January 20, and told his side of the story of how his marriage tanked, and what he had to say was pretty surprising.

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It's hard in a divorce to acknowledge that you're the party that didn't try hard enough, but that's pretty much what Wentz did. While not taking all the blame completely on himself, he recognized that his downward spiral of depression and refusal to get help ultimately led to Ashlee leaving him.

He said things started to go bad in 2010, when his band went on hiatus. The now 35-year-old said, "At 31, we'd had all these great years as a band, and then we took time off, and I basically became Mr. Mom ... I had the beard, the flannel shirt. I didn't know what my identity was. That factored in. When your identity is what you do, it's hard when you stop doing it."

"It was the first time where I was like, 'Well, no one's really taking my picture. I'm just basically hanging out with my kid all day. Who cares?' I think when you stop caring about your personal appearance, your personal hygiene, it makes you even more depressed, but it makes you do it more," he explained. "It's like a vicious cycle."

He said things got really out of hand when he hosted a Jingle Ball event and tied one on because he was upset about not performing. "That night I banged my head and I ended up needing to get stitches," he remembered. "All this stuff that was not like myself at all was part of this cycle of being bummed out."

He also blamed their ages and immaturity for their inability to work things out. He was 29 and she was 24 when they wed in May 2008.

"I think there's an important thing where you know how to fight, because you can fight with somebody and it's not the end of everything," he told Stern. "But if you don't know how to have those arguments, then they become nuclear. And we were doing this all in the public eye, which doesn't help."

He also revealed that he really thought they'd be together "forever," and was pretty angry when things fell apart.

"Don't you feel betrayed when your wife breaks up with you at your low point?" Stern asked.

"I would be an idiot to think that I didn't contribute to the unraveling of it. Of course, at first, I'm like, 'This sucks! You bailed on me!'" he confessed. "But you get perspective. We have a kid together. Our kid is awesome. He's great."

"We've actually figured out how to parent that way in a really good, healthy way," Wentz noted. "And we can be friends."

Wow, that's a pretty mature way to come back and admit that you'd done someone wrong. It's also great that Wentz got whatever help he needed to crawl out of the depression, and that he and Ashlee Simpson were able to eventually be amicable, and continue to raise their son together, while moving on with their lives.

Do you think exes can be truly amicable?


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