Lena Dunham Makes Gross Sexual Comment About Chris Farley


Lena DunhamLena Dunham definitely seems to be an acquired taste, but even for her fans, sometimes her comments seem a little more than off-color. Her latest commentary goes absolutely way too far, especially considering who she said it too. Lena Dunham admitted that she had anti-sexual fantasies about late comedian Chris Farley -- in front of his good friend Adam Sandler.


Yeah, so that happened. I imagine even her most ardent fans will have a tough time defending this one.

Judd Apatow was guest-hosting the Late Late Show last night, so he invited his buddies Lena, Adam, and Maria Bamford to join him. Sandler ended up telling a funny story about Farley's OCD, and Dunham chimed in with her own story about obsessive-compulsiveness.

I'm going to tell you something that I've literally never told anyone, which is one of my OCD things as a child was forcing myself to imagine having sex with Chris Farley. In even increments. Like, 'sex with Chris Farley, sex with Chris Farley,' in eights, to avoid then having to have sex with Chris Farley. Big fan! Big fan! ... That's not a lie, what I just said to you.

Aghh! I can't even believe she said that. It makes it 847 times worse that she said it in front of Sandler, who was a close, personal friend of the late actor.

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Making it even worse? Dunham was only 11 when Farley died. So she was either having sexual fantasies (if you can call it that, but she did say that imagined having sex with him) when she was prepubescent, or fantasies about a dead man. Take that for what you will.

I think it's gross either way.

Do you think Lena Dunham went too far with this comment?


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