Former 'Bachelor' Star Finally Found Love in the Most Surprising Way

Courtney RobertsonTinder has a reputation for being a hook-up app, but love has been found in stranger places, so why not there? It seems to have worked for former Bachelor star Courtney Robertson, who swiped right on one attractive fellow who is reportedly now her boyfriend of six months.


The season 12 Bachelor winner may have had one drama-filled engagement and breakup with Ben Flajnik, but sources have revealed to Us Weekly that she's now happily paired up with a "normal guy" she met on the popular dating app Tinder.

Side note: There are "normal" guys on Tinder? Who knew? Moving on.

Apparently this dude doesn't mind at all that Court is a reality star alum, or that she obviously doesn't have a problem kissing and telling, as we saw in her book last year, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain. You know, the one in which she detailed all the sex she and Ben had.

Anyway according to the insider, the mystery man is named Adam, and "they've been dating six months now." They continued, "He's 6'6". She loves that he's tall and that he’s not on social media." Ah yes, the indicator of any good relationship -- a tall dude.

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Another source dished that the couple has lived a mile apart from each other for years and believe that fate brought them together through Tinder. They said, "They went out for dinner and drinks on their first date. On their second date, they both deleted their Tinders. She adores him!"

"It's definitely a match," the second source continued. "She's really happy."

That's awesome -- we're glad she's happy. And don't worry about Ben -- he's moved on too, with his live-in girlfriend Stephanie Winn. It looks like everyone is getting their happily ever after after all. And we might have to give Tinder another try.

Are you surprised that Courtney found love on a dating app?


Image via Courtney Robertson/Instagram

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