Jon Gosselin's New Career Probably Has Kate's Head Spinning

jon gosselin

While you might think Jon Gosselin would be feeling a bit left out, what with his ex and eight kids starring on TLC's Kate Plus 8 without him, he's actually spinning some tunes and couldn't be happier.

The formerly henpecked husband, who's been making a career of waiting tables in a Pennsylvania restaurant, has recently reinvented himself as ... wait for it ... a celebrity disc jockey. That's right, the erstwhile reality star is cashing in on his fame behind two turntables and a microphone. 


While the deejay dad is enjoying his new profession, he says he draws the line when it comes to performing at weddings. (That's probably for the best as his own marriage could serve as a cautionary tale!)

"The brides get pissed," he told People. "I've been at people's weddings and then their guests start taking pictures of me and it's not good."

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Is it a coincidence that Jon's new career seems to have taken off at the same time his family's show premiered and ex-wife Kate has been dazzling the Donald on Celebrity Apprentice? Hmmm ... probably not. Maybe Jon's got more business savvy than we've given him credit for! After all, the mixmaster, who goes by the stage name DJ Jon Gosselin (totally original, right?), acknowledges that he might as well use what he's got, saying of his Jon & Kate Plus 8 fame: "It's not going away, so I figure I'm just going to take advantage of it." 

Currently, he says, he books as many as 15 gigs a month in small venues around his home state. Aren't you dying to know what's on his playlist? (We can't help but imagine that Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry" is in heavy rotation.) But DJ Jonnie G. (doesn't that have a much catchier ring to it?) insists he mixes it up and shared what he likes to spin:

I play to the crowd. I'll go back to the '50s and play some James Brown, then into the '80s: Prince and stuff like that. Then into the '90s, and then Taylor Swift or whatever. I just move around.

We suppose just because he and Kate couldn't make sweet music together, that shouldn't stop him from living it up on the dance floor.

Do you think Jon Gosselin has a big career ahead as a disc jockey?


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