9 Most Romantic Lines From '80s Love Songs

Kiri Blakeley | Feb 3, 2015 Celebrities

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Anyone who's tired of today's music, with its B-words, booties, and hoes would do well to get oneself into a metaphorical time machine and head back to the 1980s. It was a time when female pop stars showed off one shoulder rather than their full derrieres. A time of fun and very lively dance moves. And time of romance! 

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Let's go back to the days when LL Cool J told us just how much he needed love (it was A LOT) and George Michael made us swoon for a guilty-hearted cheater (he didn't mean it!). Sinead O'Connor gave us the most heart-crushing breakup song we ever heard, and Whitney Houston made us feel like saving all our love was the most beautiful thing we could do for someone we loved. This was the '80s. The wonderfully imperfect but ever romantic '80s. 

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While Kanye West's dirty mouth might be considered romantic nowadays, back in the '80s songs had soul, my friends. Romantic soul! Don't believe us? Here are nine of the most romantic song lyrics from the '80s.