Chris Evans & Chris Pratt Just Made the Super Bowl Very Interesting

As if we didn't love them enough already, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just made an epic Super Bowl bet that will make the Seahawks v. Patriots game very interesting, even for non-sports fans.


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The big-screen action stars engaged in some fun Twitter banter over the upcoming game, resulting in the best football bet we've ever seen.

Here's how it went down:

Yessss, let the hottie smack talk commence! As someone who couldn't care less about the actual game, I'll be glued to Twitter waiting for some fun jabs between these two. And this is definitely the best Super Bowl wager ever. After all -- it's a win for everyone because a group of children who could use some serious cheering up are going to be treated to face time with either Evans or Pratt ... dressed in their respective superhero gear.

Are you Team Pratt or Team Evans?

Image via Nathanial Chadwick, NBC

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