Kim Kardashian's Obnoxious Confession Proves She Clearly Needs Help

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Quick, when you hear the word "selfie," who comes to mind? Odds are, Kim Kardashian does, as pretty much all the reality star does is take photos of herself. Getting her nails done? Time to take a selfie. Going to the bathroom? Time to take a selfie. Getting a bloody facial? Time to take a selfie! It isn't something everyone wants to be known for, but Kim certainly doesn't seem to have a problem with it being her claim to fame, as she recently said that she invented the selfie. When she was 4. 

According to TMZ, when Kim was pitching her new book, Selfish, she said, "I took pictures of myself with digital cameras when I was in junior high and high school, and I just got hooked. I was always obsessed with selfies." Apparently, the book also contains "selfies" Kim took of herself when she was just a toddler

Hey, everybody has a talent, right?


While the first person to ever take a selfie still remains a mystery, there's no denying the fact that Kim certainly is the person responsible for making the obnoxious habit as popular as it is. If you take a leisurely stroll through Kim's Instagram page, you'll see that basically the only photos she posts are shots of herself. Is it a little crass? Yes. But it's quintessential Kim and that's why we love her. She's the world's favorite caricature. 

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I must admit, I'm definitely interested in seeing the photos in Kim's new book, but the odds of me buying it are pretty slim. I mean, every time I turn on my computer, I'm bombarded with photos of Kim's gorgeous face and butt. Do I really need that on my coffee table, as well?

Actually, maybe I do. Damn you, Kim. You win again. 

Do you think Kim invented the selfie?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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