Lauren Graham Reveals the Heartbreaking Way 'Gilmore Girls' Really Ended

It's been eight years since we tearfully said goodbye to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, not to mention all our favorite residents of Stars Hollow, on the series finale of Gilmore Girls. But as hard as it was for us to let go, it was even harder for Lauren Graham, who recently admitted she never got a chance to say goodbye to the beloved show.


First off -- can you believe it's been eight years since Lauren and Alexis Bledel appeared on the last episode of Gilmore Girls? Second -- can you believe such an awesome show was so abruptly cancelled? Sure it had its ups and downs toward the end there, but dang -- they were like family to some of us! *sniff sniff*

Graham, 47, is getting ready to say goodbye to another show -- Parenthood, which is in its final season. She stopped by the Late Show on Tuesday, January 20, to reflect on the difference between the endings of her current show, and the one that made her a household name.

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While talking about filming the last few episodes of Parenthood, she said, "It's really difficult but also really nice to be able to say goodbye ... I've mainly been on shows where they just yank it and you find out later."

Ouch! It sucks to lose your job and not know about it. She said that that's what happened on Gilmore Girls, in which she played grown-up teen mom to Rory, her super smart and ambitious daughter played by Bledel, 33.

After seven seasons on the air, Graham said, "We shot the last episode and we had no idea ... There was some back and forth of what was gonna happen."

It turns out that the actress didn't even know the show had been cancelled until her agent had to track her down during dinner. She shared, "I was in a restaurant and I had turned my phone off, cause that's polite ... the waiter comes to the table and he was like, 'Are you Lauren Graham?' I was like, 'Yes!' He goes, 'Your agent's on the phone!' I thought I was in a '40s movie or something. I was like, walking to the house phone."

"I was like, 'Hello?' and he goes, 'It's cancelled,' and that's how I found out that it was the end," Graham continued. "It's better to be able to say goodbye."

Oh my gosh, how upsetting is that? It's one thing for us to have to say goodbye to the characters, but these actors lived them for seven years. I'm willing to bet there was much wine had by all after that devastating blow.

Were you sad to see Gilmore Girls go off the air?


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