Clues About Kate Middleton's Baby Gender Are Popping Up All Over the Place

Kate Middleton

Now that she's officially gotten through the hell that was her first trimester of pregnancy, Kate Middleton is proudly showing off her bump, and she's even publicly talking about her baby-to-be! She couldn't have been more excited to share the news that she can feel her tiny royal kicking, which is by far one of the best parts of pregnancy. (Am I right?!?)


And even though we'll likely have to wait until she delivers to find out whether Kate is having a baby boy or baby girl, considering that's how things happened with Prince George, it's next to impossible not to be super curious as to whether the sex of the child has already been leaked.

Soooooooo, will she be welcoming a little princess or prince this spring?

Let's take a look at some of the clues she's given us so far to see if we can hazard a guess.

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Early on in her pregnancy, a report came out saying that Kate is having a baby girl, which was based on a prenatal DNA test that confirmed the sex. Of course, that story was run in the National Enquirer, so we should probably be a little skeptical. (Ok, maybe a lot.)

Then we have to take into consideration the similarities between this pregnancy and her first. Granted, every bun in the oven is different, but it does seem interesting that Kate experienced hyperemesis gravidarum again, which leads us to believe she's once again expecting a baby boy.

But if she's having a boy, then why would Pippa throw a pink-themed baby shower for her dear sister? Uhhhhh, the last time I checked, pink was typically associated with girls, so based on the shower, we should probably assume Kate will welcome a daughter.

Although, she was seen sporting a very chic powder blue coat just the other day, which seems to have people buzzing about whether or not she's subtly trying to tell the world a son is on the way.

Oh, for crying out loud! We could do this all day long. For now, let's just go ahead and assume that Kate's baby gender is the biggest mystery of 2015. There are so few surprises left in life anyway, so we might as well just sit back and be patient ... until we get word that she's checked into the hospital, that is!

Do you think Kate is having a boy or a girl?


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