Kate Middleton's Plan to Leave Prince William Couldn't Come at a Worse Time

Kate Middleton

Hmm. Well this is kind of ... odd? You'd think that she'd want to stick as close to home as possible with baby number two on the way, but Kate Middleton is planning a trip to Mustique without Prince William, instead traveling with Prince George and her parents. Apparently the trip will take place next month, and it sounds like Kate doesn't have any qualms about jetting off to paradise while her hubby holds down the fort at home.


A source supposedly told The Daily Mail:

Kate is penciled in for a trip to Mustique with Prince George. William is not going as he has his head down, revising for exams. It is a big birthday for Carole and Kate won't want to miss it. She has been saying she is really missing some winter sun.

Huh. I guess we really can't fault her for that. Who else would love nothing more than to sit on a beach in paradise as opposed to dealing with yet another polar vortex? (Gah.)

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And I guess Kate taking the baby and going on vacation with her parents isn't all that out of the ordinary, though Prince William's excuse for forgoing the trip doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Maybe he simply needs as much peace and quiet as he can get to hunker down and study for exams, but you'd think he'd pack his books and bring 'em along so he could enjoy a little bit of quality time with his wife and kid before kid number two enters the picture and throws the whole family dynamic for a loop.

It almost makes us wonder if there is once again a bit of tension between Kate and Wills, what with all the pressure of keeping up with their royal duties while trying to prepare for George's sibling's arrival? You know, like maybe she needs a little bit of space from all the royal hoopla, to be a normal pregnant woman for a short time or whatever. We can only being to imagine how much pressure she's been under, especially since this pregnancy has been just as tough as her first. It's totally understandable if she feels the need to distance herself from anything and everything royal. (Including her husband.)

Maybe we're reading way too much into this little excursion, but it just seems odd that Kate and Wills don't want to spend as much time as possible together before their lives get totally turned upside down. (Again.) If Wills doesn't have a change of heart and get on that plane with her and George, it really isn't a good sign.

Do you think it's weird for Kate to vacation without Wills?


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