Jessa Duggar's Controversial Instagrams Cause MAJOR Fighting Among Followers

jessa duggarJessa Duggar, or any of the Duggars for that matter, has never been one to keep her religious or political views to herself -- and Sunday was no exception. Jessa attended March for Life in Little Rock, an anti-abortion demonstration, and she posted numerous photos from the event to her Instagram account. Unsurprisingly, her many followers had plenty to say about the controversial posts, and, even less surprisingly, plenty of people chastised Jessa for her views. 


First, Jessa posted a message saying, "The Heart of Arkansas Beats for Life;" next, was a photo of the rally; and last, the 19 Kids and Countingstar posted a picture of a sign that read "God loves every life from beginning to end."

A few screenshots show the controversy that erupted among her followers:

jessa duggar

jessa duggar

jessa duggar

Clearly, Jessa's views don't sit well with all of her followers, which again, isn't a big surprise. Any talk about abortion or contraception is always bound to bring about a debate (or, perhaps, more fittingly, an argument).

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It's highly unlikely that Jessa isn't aware of the fact that posts like these are going to incite controversy among her followers -- and evidently, she's okay with that. The Duggars, though loved by many, certainly aren't without their share of haters. Perhaps that right there is part of their crazy popularity?

What do you think about Jessa's Instagram posts?

Images via Jessa Duggar/Instagram

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