Bravo Star Greg Plitt Dies In Tragic Train Accident

greg plittThere is very sad news in the world of reality TV today -- Greg Plitt was struck and killed by a train. He was just 37-years-old. Plitt was the star of Bravo's show Work Out and was also on the reality show Friends to Lovers. His tragic death has left fans with many questions.


The fitness model and body builder was said to have been with friends at the Metrolink train tracks on Saturday. Plitt was taking photos and videotapping passing trains in an section that was off limits for people to be walking. It was unclear exactly what happened, but a passenger on the train reported that they saw him stumble. This sounds like it was a tragic accident.

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Greg, as Bravo's Andy Cohen tweeted "seemed invincible, like Superman." He was a handsome and sweet guy who was well known in the modeling world, having worked with Calvin Klein, Old Navy, Men's Fitness, and Maxim. This is so very sad. Reality show stars make their way into our hearts because they share so much of themselves with us on TV. We feel we know them a little -- we relate and sympathize. My thoughts and prayers are with Greg's loved ones. 


Image via Greg Plitt/Instagram

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