Nick Cannon Files for Divorce from Mariah Carey

Looks like a Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon reconciliation is not happening because Nick recently -- and discreetly -- filed for divorce from his wife of six years. We all knew it was coming. We saw the signs back in August when Mariah and Nick began appearing in public without their wedding rings, but there's always some hope before those divorce papers are signed. Sadly, Nick reportedly filed for divorce on Dec. 12 and Mariah may have been too busy trying to sort out all of the details when her estranged husband beat her to court.


There are plenty of rumors out there as to why Nick and Mariah may have split, one of which is that Nick reportedly fears the 3-year-old twins he shares with his wife are living in a toxic environment and that he needs to provide them with a safer home.

Others have suggested Nick stirred up trouble by revealing on a radio talk show that he had slept with a bunch of famous women like "Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selina Ebanks, and Kim Kardashian." Hey, at least he gave his wife props first, right?

Obviously, things had long turned sour before Nick decided to go blabbing about his sex life just so he could get a few handshakes out of it, but that's probably not the classiest way to behave when you are days away from dissolving your marriage.

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A more likely reason for their divorce may just be that things fizzled and that it didn't help matters when Mariah's most recent album failed to sell, which probably put quite a bit of strain on their relationship. We hear Mariah has been keeping busy while her attorneys work out the details of the split by following Britney's lead (if you can believe it) and scoring an artist-in-residence deal in Las Vegas, where she'll perform all of her greatest hit singles at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

The two people who are most important here are the couple's twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who are reportedly staying with their mom in their Manhattan apartment. Sources say Nick and Mariah have been trying to remain friendly for the sake of their children -- let's hope they can keep that up as their divorce starts to feel even more real for them.

It's sad that Nick and Mariah couldn't work things out, but I look at this as just another obstacle standing in the way of Mariah making a huge comeback. With her natural talent, it seems like the only fair outcome.

Are you surprised that Mariah and Nick are officially getting a divorce?


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