Kim Kardashian Forgoes Underwear in Weird See-Through Dress (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Considering most of the world has officially seen her naked, what with the nude photo spread in Paper magazine, nobody really looks twice when she chooses to wear something a bit on the revealing sign. But after seeing Kim Kardashian's lace see-through dress, which she wore for a dinner date with Kanye West in Santa Monica, she definitely has our attention. Um, she's SO not wearing a bra under this thing, you guys. Or undies for that matter, as you can plainly see.


We didn't manage to find a good shot of her from the front, but the side/rear view of this getup makes it easy to see there's nothing underneath.

Kim Kardashian

Nope. There's no way she could get away with going anything other than commando in this dress.

Again, seeing Kim's bod on display is nothing new, but don't you think this dress is, well, kind of strange? 

I know she and Kanye recently overhauled her wardrobe, but it doesn't look like they really did a bang-up job of selecting flattering new pieces for Kim to wear.

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Hell, she looks better in the naked pics than she does in this frock! Seriously, she is such a gorgeous woman and she's so in shape these days, you'd think she'd choose outfits that show off her curves in a more positive light versus making her look ... frumpy? (Too harsh?)

But hey, if nothing else, at least she managed to stay comfortable on her date. Sometimes wearing a bra and underwear can put a damper on the evening, particularly if they bunch or ride up in any way. (Such a buzz kill.)

Do you like Kim's new dress?


Images via Splash News; Khrome/Splash News

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