Duggars Photobombed by Lesbians Kissing in Family's Front Yard (PHOTO)

duggarsThe Duggars might not be too happy about a lesbian couple taking a photo of themselves kissing in front of their house, but maybe they should start applying all that love and happiness they have to all people. That's exactly the point Tandra Barnfield and Samantha Muzny were making when they kissed in front of the Duggar home and shared the photo on Instagram. Tandra and Samantha say they love the Duggars, God, and each other. Maybe their sweet kiss and sentiment will help the Duggars be more accepting.



Lots of people love the Duggars but when they invited people to share photos of themselves kissing their loved ones on the Duggar Facebook page only to reportedly delete the ones that had same sex couples in them, it broke a lot of hearts. Okay, it was not that shocking, but they did have an opportunity to be full of love and acceptance and instead they chose the opposite route. Not cool, Duggars.

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I kind of see it like this. I wouldn't choose to wear the same kind of clothes Michelle Duggar wears, nor would I style my hair in the same way, but it doesn't bother me one bit that she does. See? Acceptance is easy! And that's the point Tandra and Samantha are making. The Texas couple who have three children were visiting their cousin who lives down the block from the Duggars in Tonitown, Arkansas. Tandra told Radar:

My cousin lives just a few doors down from the Duggars. When we saw the house, it just lit a fire underneath us. I said, 'Let's go make out!' My sister took the photo.

I want to get married to my girlfriend. And the Duggars are fighting my right to do so. It upsets me. If you won’t let me get married, I’m going to make out with my girlfriend in front of you.

We love the Duggars, we watch their show all the time. I also have morals and love God. They sit there and say they love everybody too, but then they fight against my rights.

Are the Duggars listening? Love is love is love. I am waiting to see if there is any comment on the matter by any of the Duggars. Perhaps they should invite others to share kissing photos in front of people's houses on their Facebook page. Step one in acceptance. 

Do you think the Duggars are going to be upset about this?


Image via Duggar Fam/Instagram

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