Kate Middleton Finally Joins Twitter #OMG

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The Duke and Duchess just got digital! On Wednesday, Kate Middleton and Prince William joined Twitter. Oh, and Prince Harry, too! And double oh! The three joined Instagram, as well! Social media just got a whole lot more interesting. The royal trio's first tweet? A Twitpic of Harry passed out from drinking too much with the words "Prince Wastey Face" written on his forehead. Kate can be seen in the background with a Sharpie, laughing. 

JK. Odds are, Kate, William, and Harry won't be firing off their own tweets or 'grams, but hot dog, it's about time these three got on social media. I mean, sheesh, their grandmother is even on Twitter!


So far, their handle, @KensingtonRoyal, has posted a few tweets and Instagrams. From the looks of things, they're going to keep it pretty profesh and G-rated. At the time of writing this, they've posted about a dozen tweets, all pertaining to appearances, charities, and zzzzzz. Oh, I'm sorry, I must have fallen asleep perusing their account. Again, JK. 

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It's unlikely that the account will be that much different from, say, the account of Clarence House -- except Kensington Royal will pertain to Kate, William, and Harry as opposed to Camilla and Charles. It definitely won't be scandalous or irreverent, but we'll probably get a few extra photos of the royal couple, which is always a good thing. And being that it's 2015, it's high time the Duke and Duchess got on Twitter.

I'll definitely be following Kensington Royal , but not gonna lie: With the secret hope that one of these days Prince Harry is going to have a few too many and hijack the account. #thatwouldbeawesome

What do you hope to see on the Duke and Duchess' Twitter?

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