Miley Cyrus' Brother Is Reportedly Dating Patrick Schwarzenegger's Sister

Miley CyrusKeeping it all in the family! We've often wondered what Maria (Kennedy) Shriver really thinks about her son's relationship with the world's most infamous twerker, Miley Cyrus, but how would she feel with two of her children dating members of the Cyrus family? We hope she's fine with it, otherwise it could make for some uncomfortable family gatherings in the future.


Sources have revealed that Miley Cyrus' model brother Braison is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger's sister Christina Schwarzenegger. An insider told Us Weekly, "They are dating and have been since a little after Patrick and Miley got official ... both Patrick and Miley approve of the relationship. Miley loves her brother and thinks it's a great match."

Miley, 22, and Patrick, 21, began publicly dating in November, after they were spotted together multiple times, including at a wild Halloween party. He had apparently had a crush on the former Disney star for quite some time before they finally got together, and they had run in the same social circles. It was inevitable, really.

Shortly after they got together, Patrick's sisters Christina, 23, and Katherine, 25, wanted to hang out with Miley.

The source continued, "[They] were both fans of Miley before Patrick started seeing her. Christina wanted to hang out with her and met her brother and thought he was hot ... they exchanged info and started hanging out on their own. Patrick and Miley were encouraging of it."

Check out the picture that Braison posted of the two of them canoodling for New Year's Eve!

A photo posted by braison (@braisoncwukong) on

A picture is worth a thousand words, and there's something going on there!

Despite how much the siblings all get along, and even though Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly supports Miley and Patrick's relationship, not everyone is completely on board.

Someone close to Maria Shriver revealed last month that she might not be quite as pleased with the match as everyone else seems to be. "There is friction" the insider revealed. "Maria told Patrick the more she hears about Miley, the more she's concerned."

We're sure that Miley's latest full-frontal nude spread will fix everything.

Are you surprised about Miley's brother and Patrick's sister?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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