Miley Cyrus Goes Totally Nude Just Like She Should

Miley CyrusNow that Miley Cyrus is dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, who is a Kennedy, after all, she's decided to scale back her shocking antics and become just a little bit more classy. Ah-haha. Of course she hasn't. If anything, she seems be on a mission to make the Kennedy/Shriver (and oh hell let's throw in Schwarzenegger too) clan go apoplectic.


Patrick's parents, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, must be thrilled that Miley, who is already known for her blunt talking and blunt smoking ways, as well as her inability to keep her clothes on for very long, has decided to go all the way. And we don't mean with Patrick, because I hear they are waiting until they get married (ahem). No, I mean she's decided to go all the way with her nudity.

Miley posed for her first full-frontal photos in a series of eye-popping Polaroids taken by Cheyne Thomas while on her Bangerz tour. And for some reason she's decided to make these public in an upcoming issue of V magazine.

In one of the photos, Miley is completely naked except for a bit of bath bubble around her nipples and vajay. In others, she is naked in a field. And in still others she's naked who knows where, she's just naked, okay?!

I thought Miley might slow down now that she has a boyfriend, but I kind of admire her for not letting the whole "now I'm part of a couple" thing make her act any more demure. If you thought Miley would be one of those girls who would ditch who she really is and become who her boyfriend wants her to be, you'd be wrong. And I guess this is probably who Patrick wants her to be anyway -- it's not like he couldn't have known what Miley is about.

Besides, Miley won't be young, toned and hot forever. Might as well have a few nude mementos for herself -- and us.

And Patrick is the son of Ahhhhnold, remember, so he's seen it all.


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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