Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note Does NOT Belong on a T-Shirt

Now this is tacky. Apparently you can buy a T-shirt with a screen print of Kurt Cobain's suicide note on it. You know, because nothing says fashionable or cutting edge quite like adorning yourself with the tragic handwritten ramblings of a deeply troubled man.


The Nirvana front man took his own life more than 20 years ago, so maybe people thought enough time had passed that this sort of thing is acceptable? Um, no. Not cool, everyone selling clothing with pictures of suicide notes on them.

The shirt was for sale on eBay, as well as on Etsy, at least until a Reddit discussion prompted the items to be taken down. Thank God some people still have some common sense.

I mean, how does an idea for this even get born? Who sits around thinking, you know what would be cool? A replica of Kurt Cobain's suicide note on a baseball tee! WTF?

Billboard reported that at least 16 of the shirts were sold before eBay removed the listing.

The note itself is incredibly sad, but to read it in Cobain's own scribbled handwriting just takes it to a whole other level. It's obviously he wasn't well, and this sort of thing seems to make light of the serious issue of mental illness and the help that so many people need.

There's already a petition on Change.org to ask all retailers to refrain from selling this product or any like it. In part, it reads, "Mental illness and suicidal behavior is not a fashion statement, and it is not meant to be glamorized or flaunted about on a t-shirt."

Do you think this T-shirt is tacky?


Image via eBay

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