Jana Duggar Thrust Into Spotlight Over ... a Lie??

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Because there is always something Duggar going on, today it's Jana in the spotlight. And it has nothing to do with that rumor she is dating Tim Tebow. Jana and her twin John turned 25 and the oldest twins in the Duggar fam celebrated at their favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel. (I wonder if they ordered something with mashed potatoes and gravy. Needs salt, always!) The issue with the boastful birthday wishes to Jana from her parents is that they are being accused of lying about her job. Gasp! A Duggar tall tale? Can it be?


Of course, since we are talking about the Duggars here, it's an innocent bit. It's not like they are saying she is a missionary nurse when she is really a stripper at the club Fallen From Grace. (I made that up. If there is a club called Fallen From Grace I know nothing of it. If there isn't, consider it trademarked and if you want to open one with former good girls as dancers, you're going to have to clear it with me first.)

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In listing the 25-year-old's accomplishments, the Duggars called Janna a "concert pianist" perhaps insulting concert pianists all about the globe. The Duggar family Facebook posted about the twins' birthday:

They both have a ministry heart and are great role models for other young people. John just finished up his pilots license and is staying busy with construction and police work. Jana is a concert pianist and is involved in many ministries. We are so blessed to have such wonderful daughters and sons! Happy 25th Jana and John!

Fans are calling their bluff. We all know Jana is a lovely pianist -- she is skilled in tickling those keys. But the question is: Does playing the piano at church concerts make you a concert pianist? Is she really just a glorified babysitter to her younger siblings who plays the piano here and there? What happened to that midwife’s assistant career she was embarking on? It's been said she just did the midwife assist gig to help sister Jill. Hmmm.

There is concern in the Duggar fan-world that Jana is being held back by her parents, that they aren't letting her spread her wings and fly from the nest, but maybe this "concert pianist" gig Mama speaks of is really just to build up Jana's confidence in herself and her piano playing skills. Maybe this is exactly the career she wants to explore and perhaps this is the Duggar way of saying "Go for it, Jana!"

I'm erring on the side of positive -- it's the Duggar way. Good luck with the concert pianist career, Jana!

Do you think the Duggars overexaggerated Jana's career? Does it bother you if they did?


Image via Duggar Fam/Instagram

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